miércoles, 27 de mayo de 2009

Attract Mode 3: The Legend of Kage

Este juego lo recuerdo en los Diana en el mismo caracol de ahora y otro local que estaba a la vuelta por estado. En las version bootleg se puede jugar en el attract mode, debe ser el que mas tiempo se juega sin necesidad de echar ficha :)

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  1. Me pusieron el sgt mensaje en youtube:
    (seria interesante replicarlo).

    "I was wondering for 14 years if anyone would notice that glitch. I googled away for a long time for it and no dice. You, as far as i know, are the first one ive seen. That aside, I can elaborate on this:

    You can finish the first stage this way, but Kage will no longer be controllable and will move in the same repeating fashion he would in normal attract mode.
    There is a small possibility, if he is lucky, Kage can make it to stage 3 automatically . It took forever to see him on stage 3. "