domingo, 23 de agosto de 2015

The Last Star Fighter: Star Trek

El easter egg ya indentificado en digital press, encontraron la parte para modificar el ejecutable para que aparezca siempre la USS ENTERPRISE, en vez de ser un tema aleatorio:

EASTER EGG: Programmers Gary Stark and Bruce Poehlman admit to putting a few hidden extras in the game, but they don’t recall how to trigger them. One that’s been seen is the Starship Enterprise will sometimes make a brief appearance (by the sun) when recharging. There is a clock timer, and if this timer is $00 or $80 at the right moment of recharging, the Enterprise will appear (picture #1). Unfortunately the timer clocks rather slow (from $00 to $FF) so it's very unlikely you will see this effect without cheating (the odds are 1 in 128), as there doesn’t appear to be a method to either resetting or resetting the timer in the code. The graphics for the Enterprise are stored in the Atari 8-bit version at $3A40-$3A42 (bytes $E7, $12, $1C).

En Atari age esta el ejecutable modificado

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