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Nimral's Grace - Slave II

El texto decodificado con ayuda para resolver este Texto de Aventura desde la revista Analog.
How do I get past the fire?
1) Theres a lake nearby.
2) Water Heeps you cool.
3) Jump in the lake and get wet.
3) Move the wardrobe.
4) Look at the altar.

How can I get into the king's quarters without getting arrested?
1) You can't let him see you.
2) Wait until hes sleeping.
3) Go at night.

What's with the throne?
1) Theres something behind it.
2) Move the throne.

How do I get past the steel door?
1) You need a Hey.
2) Get the Hey from someone.
3) The priest has the Hey.

What about registering animals?
1) You have to register your horse.
2) Go to the small office.
3) Tell the man to REGISTER WHITE.

How can I survive being stabbed?
1) Wear something protective.
2) Have you found the chain mail?
3) You must have the chain mail.

How do I turn in the culprit?
1) First you must have enough evidence.
2) Go to the peacekeeper.
3) Type ACCUSE followed by the person's

What are the ten pieces of evidence?
1) Beforeyou ride to Nimral's Grace, find
the dirt and look at it. Then look at
the footprints.
2) Find the amulet and look at it.
3) Go into the shoemaker's shop and read his
book. Don't forget to turn the page.
4) Remember the brown horse you saw riding
away? Go into the stables and look at
the brown horse. Then look at thes addqme.
5) Find some ale and give it to the man
in the small office. When he sets down
the silver book, pick it up and read it.
6) Find the jewelry box and look at it.
7) Pour the poisoned winefrom thetankard.
Find the fingerprint Hit and fingerpr-
int the empty tankard.
8) Move the wardrobe and look at the
9) Find the notebook and look at the
10) Open thenotebook and read what'sinside.

How can I get to Nimral's Grace?
1) It's too far to waqmk.
2) You could use a horse.
3) Pray at the statue.

How do I get past the guard?
1) You can't do it alone.
2) You need someonefrom thecity with you.
3) Shala must accompany you.

How do I read books?
1) First you must open them.
2) Sometimes you can turn pages.

How can I get from night to day or day to night quickly?
1) Sleeping is a good way to pass the time.
2) You must be in your room to sleep.
3) Just type GO BED.

How can I get out of jail?
1) You can't.

How can I get the priest to talk?
2) You have to be a member.
3) Read the book in the library.
4) You'll need some black paint.
5) Paint a black dot on your forehead.

Where can I get the password?
1) Have you found a wardrobe yet?
2) Theres something behind the wardrobe.

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