viernes, 23 de agosto de 2013

Quiz & Dragons: Capcom Quiz Game

Interesante post en wikipedia sobre el juego de Capcom Quiz & Dragons:
(habran mas errores ?)

The game's trivia questions include many errors. Many of these are due to the correct answers having changed since the game's release while others are simply errors.
  • The question "Who is the lead singer for the band Devo?" does not include the correct answer (Mark Mothersbaugh), but his guitar and keyboard playing brother (Bob Mothersbaugh).
  • The question "What are Elroy Jetson's parents names?" misnames Elroy's mother Jane as Judy. This is odd since another question specifically asks for his mother's name and Jane is the right answer.
  • The question "When did the original Star Trek series take place" is incorrectly the 34th century, instead of the 23rd.

La version de PS2:

Play Alternate Quiz & Dragons
To play "Capcom Quiz", a version of Quiz & Dragons where all the questions relate to the history of Capcom and the company's games, highlight "Extras" on the main menu and press Circle. Note that you cannot save your game in this alternate version.

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