jueves, 13 de septiembre de 2012

Savage Island: Part II

Uno de los ultimos juegos de Scott Adams es el Savage Island separado en 2 partes.

Juego que nunca lo jugue, pero al leer veo que uso un par de passwords y un mensaje final "codificado".

Usando el ya conocido scottfree para dejar de forma legible para humanos el archivo de datos de los juegos de Scott, se puede ver un par el password inicial como el mesnaje final codificado:


Ambos passwords sirver para el inicio del juego, pero el segundo no entrega de un elemento.

Despues de terminar el juego el siguiente mensaje aparecera:

"Congratulations! You've finished Savage Island successfully!
Refer to instructions for following coded message:
U L K # $ + S ( V A 0 3 5 D B I H
O ; 7 E 8 / M P 4 J 1 T Q @ F % G
W X 6 C ? Y , Z = & R * - N 2 ) 9"

Que se traduce en:
(hice un programa para leer el texto completo).

After resealing the wayward seed controller back in its case, the robopirate continues to execute its main programming .

Strangely, none of the master race are around, but the seed specimens are fine i n the storage hold.

A strange looking creature is found wandering in the ship.

Looking somewhat like the seed specimens The robopirate decides to treat it as su ch and temporarily stores it away in the hold.

Continuing with its programming , the robopirate lands the ship on the blue-green planet it is currently orbiting.

It then proceeds to hide the ship and re arrange the interior slightly.

The engine and control compartment is separated and launched off into deep space.

The seed specimens are then released from the display cases in the storage hold.

The colony prospers and the strange specimen originally found wandering the ship becomes their chief.

Strangely enough, the chief's offspring look more like him than they do his assorted wives!

Checking the planet the robopirate finds one lone wandering dinosaur.

Being the last of its species, the robopirate stores it away in a now vacant display case.

All looks well and the robot closes the now hidden ship and powers itself off.

100,000 years pass and a timer reactivates the robot, which then goes to implement its final programming in the time swap plan.

The plan: make sure a current inhabitant is tricked into going back in time to eradicate the giant reptiles (for the robot is completely unable to harm or kill any living being.)

Later, with a slight robotic chuckle, the robot realizes the strange twist of fate which awaits the specimen he chooses.

For it is obvious now that the Neanderthal sleeping in the display case these 100,000 years has the brains and personality of the chosen victim.

Yet it is the victim's own genes which help launch the race of Man (after first ridding the world of the dinosaur!)

Slayer of the dinosaur and father of all mankind, the world's greatest hero now rests in the body o f a prehistoric caveman.

Who knows what great adventures await him in the future?

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