lunes, 26 de septiembre de 2011

Hacker Solución en Periodico

Si uno no pone nombre en el diario entonces aparece como "anonymous".

Esa página hace referencia a 2 juegos nuevos para Atari. La versión de c64 hace referencia a otros programas:

El articulo original y completo es el siguiente:

WASHINGTON- The Post has learned that an anonymous hero has used a home computer to uncover a serious threat to world security. Evidence was delivered to FBI agents exposing a secret plan which could have resulted in disaster.`It appears that Magma, Ltd. had been drilling through the earth's crust in an attempt to tap the temperature differential between the surface and magma layers. Not only could this have led to an unlimited energy source and certain world domination, but scientists believe that a miscalculation could have triggered thermal runaway, resulting in the destruction of a continent.`This computer whiz gained access to the company's computer system, and discovered a network used to control robot messengers. Although details are still sketchy at this time, it appears that one of the robots was used to gather evidence on Magma, Ltd. and its secret plan. This evidence aided the FBI in averting a worldwide catastrophe.`Sources indicate that several major Hollywood studios interested in securing TV and movie rights will be (see back section, col.1)
MTN. VIEW, CA.-`Activision Inc. today announced the introduction of 'Music Studio' and 'GameMaker,' two new computer programs for your Atari computer.


 c64 newspaper

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