domingo, 28 de agosto de 2011

Chimera: hidden game

As you know, In Chimera there is a hidden game that is activated after pressing bar space (pause) and then start+select+option.
However never I've been able to play it, always crash it (in different emulators and real hardware).

Only with an old emulator a helicopter appears.

Is there a dump which can play correctly that hidden game ?

Although in Wikipedia says: "Unfortunately the bonus game crashes on the Atari 800 due a programming error."

The good thing is Fox was able to do q quick fix for it:

Cool! Looks like the game code is corrupted, at least in Chimera (v1).atr from Quick fix in Atari800 (Win PLus): enter monitor, type:
   c 5005 8d
   f 5080 509f ea
   contNow run the hidden game

And an screenshot:

Now Tezz has fixed to have a final executable chimera game with playable hidden game:

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  1. Seems the answer is still not... here you can see an image from Richard Hewinson, member of Memories of Telecomsoft -company that currently host all related to Firebird