domingo, 21 de noviembre de 2021

Solid States

Otro programa de Analog con graficos 3D que en los 80s llamaba mucho la atencion.

Aparecio en Analog por Tom Hudson:

  • #16 - February 1984 "Solid States"
  • #19 - June 1984 "Solid States Revisited"
  • #22 - September 1984 "Son of Solid States"


En el articulo aparece:

Who gets the credit?

To be honest, I can’t take all the credit for this program. I got it from a Compucolor II computer bulletin board several years ago; the author was not credited. I modified the program to work on the Atari computers, added the editing, screen clipping, plotter output and file handling.

Although the code has been heavily modified, the author may recognize the general structure, and is encouraged to let me know his or her name. I’ll be glad to give credit where it is due.


Seria interesante encontrar al autor ogirinal.

PD: ?
CHIP #25 - notes directory try it 3D plotting package.


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