lunes, 31 de agosto de 2020

Estrategias Tetris

Algunas sugerencias de campeon del mundo de Tetris Classic:

  • playing flat: never stack pieces more than two blocks high or create a hole more than two blocks deep. 
  • Build mounds in the center
    No matter how well you play, you’ll eventually create a mound higher than two blocks. If you can help it, Neubauer recommends trying to bias your mounds to the center of the playing field in most versions of Tetris. However, if you’re playing Tetris on NES as he does, he recommends a bias towards the left side of the screen. (hacer espacio a la derecha)
  • aprender rotacion
  • tomar decisiones rapidas, mas alla que no sean las mejores 
  • Hold pieces to score (solo para versiones mas nuevas, no el nes classic)
  • Play at faster speeds
  • Look at the queue and the colors
  • Make sure you have multiple gaps at least two spaces across to accommodate O-, S-, and Z-shaped pieces. If you notice that you’re making a lot of garbage, or empty spaces that screw up rows, it’s likely because of poorly placed O-, S-, and Z-shaped pieces.


Salio un resumen de estrategias en la revista Nintendo Power:

Nintendo Power Issue 009 November-December 1989



  2. Tetris practice tips:
  5. Tetris Atari eccentricities:


sábado, 29 de agosto de 2020


Una buena version de tetris para 2600:

Además sacó la version honor a gb. 

Animación final:

100,000 points = Small Rocket
200,000 points = Large Rocket (Soyuz)
500,000 points = Shuttle (Buran)

Mode B, muestra siguiente pieza

Marathon: In this game style, the game continues until the grid overflows. The game difficulty will increase each time 10 lines are removed from the grid.
Sprint 25: In this game style, the objective is to remove 25 lines from the grid. The game difficulty does not increase beyond the level that is set in the menu. The game will finish when all 25 lines have been removed.

Sprint 40: This game style is similar to SPRINT 25, with the objective to remove 40 lines from the grid.
Ultra: In this game style, you have 3 minutes to score as many points as possible. The game timer is shown at the top of the screen, and the game will finish when the timer reaches zero.